Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, the center of Central Pa.

Pennsylvania Capital Building, Harrisburg City Pennsylvannia, Dauphin County

Located in the heart of Central Pennsylvania, Dauphin County offers many family, business, government, recreational and cultural advantages.

Dauphin County is the center of Pennsylvania State government with the City of Harrisburg being the State Capital.  The City of Harrisburg is a diverse city with many business, government, historical and cultural offerings.  The city is host to many events throughout the year from family festivals, professional sports, business conferences and many other cultural opportunities.


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Each January, the annual Pennsylvania State Farm Show is held here in Dauphin County  at the State Farm Show Complex.  Then through out the year the Farm Show Complex is host to a wide range of entertainment, agricultural, business and cultural events. 

Just outside of Harrisburg is a small town with a BIG name Hershey.   Of course famous for candy production, Hershey offers visitors many attractions: a world class amusement park, museums, classic theatre, gardens, and the Hershey School.

Dauphin county has may smaller communities each with something to offer.

The natural areas of Dauphin County are diverse and wonderful.  Bordered on the west by the scenic  (and favorite of many sports minded people) Susquehanna River.  The geography of Dauphin County includes river and stream water sheds, rolling farm lands and the Appalachian Mountains (with a section of the Appalachian Trail).  If you enjoy scenic vistas, hiking, fishing, hunting or boating they are all here in Dauphin County.

Dauphin County is also a strategic transportation hub.  Routes 83 and 15 running South, Routes 76 and 80 West, Routes 322, 81 North, and Route 78/81, 76 and 80 running East.  A huge percentage of the US population (Markets) is within a one day drive of Dauphin County!

So for business, state government, recreation, cultural, scenic or family living we have it here in Dauphin County!

You can find the official Dauphin County Government site by clicking on the link above and find the dauphin county link on the community page.


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